Hi there,

My name is

Cristian Spagnuolo,

I'm a VFX/CG Supervisor.

Welcome to my website.



This is my "nickname" since I started my carreer in the VFX industry quite a long time ago and it's also the name of my own Company when I freelance all around the world. Why this nickname?! It's a long story... I will explain you if and when we will eventually meet in person :-)

About Me


I am a VFX/CG Supervisor with almost 20 years of professional experience and I had the chance to work on various projects and for many different companies all around the world. I worked on Movies, TV Series, Feature Animation, Commercials, and ADV campaigns of international importance. I am an ACP (Autodesk Certified Professional), an AAI (Autodesk Authorized Instructor) for both 3DSMax and Maya, and an Autodesk consultant on the entire Media & Entertainment suite since 2008. I also am a beta tester for other big companies such as Foundry (Katana), Allegorithmic/Adobe (Substance Suite), and R3DS (Wrap3D).





The need to face always different challenges and my ability to adapt myself to various team, projects and working pipeline has given me the opportunity to test different approaching techniques in searching the right solution for the problems that I faced. So I become a very all round VFX/CG Supervisor (with great problem solving attitude) capable to analyze a production in every specific aspect, to create an efficient working pipeline and to lead and supervise a vast team of artists.


Training & Mentoring

Since many years I started to create tutorial and to partecipate to mentorship programs to help younger generation to learn and grow in the industry. This is like a vocation for me.

VFX/CG Supervision

I supervised small, medium and big production; diretly on set, on remote or "just" leading my team, but always with one main goal in mind... QUALITY.

Beta Testing

Always searching for the best tools available on the market I managed to become beta tester for some of the biggest software companies out there. To name a few: Foundry (Katana), Allegorithmic/Adobe (Substance), and R3DS (Wrap3D).



Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Digital Sculpting and Texturing Human Anatomy Course - 10 Weeks Course with Madeline Scott Spencer

IED - Istituto Europeo di Design

Completed the 3 years "Virtual Design" post-diploma degree with a 100/100 Full Honour evaluation

Liceo Scientifico "A. Righi" - Bologna

High School Diploma with skills in computer science







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  • Montreal, QC
  • Canada
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  • ITA +39 (328) 486-5201
  • M-F: 9 AM - 6 PM
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